James goes for his physical on the night shift. The doctor is mildly confused and unable to complete the physical because of James' aura. He tells James to keep an eye on the crystal growths on his skin.[1]

Ayla has a runin with M.K. Uberman after her Costuming class. She plays it for laughs and wins on points.[2]

Dr. Quintain demonstrates an interesting Energizer trait using Richard Henry (Blot) as the subject in Powers Theory.[2]

In Jade's and James' English class, Miss Devlin shows a video of a confrontation between the Flying Bulldozer and Dr. Debt as motivation for why studying English (or at least how to communicate like you know what you're doing) is needed.[3][1]

Team Kimba discusses the newspaper reports on the battle with the Ninjas. They are not happy with the treatment.[2]

James goes for his powers evaluation. He adopts Timeless as a temporary code name. The evaluators are quite puzzled because most of the instruments refuse to give any readings. The classify him as Ex-2, En-2 and Wa-2 with instinctive psychic defense 3 or 4. He then has a session with his counselor, Dr. Katherine Hayes .[1]

At lunch, Toni shares some new-found wisdom (or at least information) about BITs with Jade, and how that might affect her problem.[3]

Ayla is paired off with Phobos in Martial Arts. She has a run-in with several of the kids about using the instructor's showers.[2]

Fey wakes about noon, and discovers that she's now finished transforming into a girl. Bigger breasts, wider hips, longer hair. She does the laundry and then collapses again.[4]

Jade and Jinn get to clean grates in the sewers while Stan and Morrie ride shotgun. They encounter an albino alligator.[3]

Jade and Jinn go for their medical exam with Dr. Traekham , a family practitioner from Dunwich. She gets him interested in working on her problem.[3]

Ayla is introduced to Dynamaxx at the Beret Mafia's table. Dynamaxx (Maximillian Dynsen) is the scion of Dynsen Telekom, and invites her to join the Golden Kids.[2]

Tennyo manages to drag herself through class, and then gets to dance class where she has some fun. Afterwards there's a run-in with a couple of kids named Jeff and Kenny while she's waiting for pizza to be delivered.[5][2]


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