Fey wakes up to more changes. She's also irritated at having her sleep interrupted by dreams of chanting figures waving crystals at her. She heads for a shower while Toni gets some larger size undies from Ayla's stash.[1][2]

There's the roar of thunder - in the hallway. Nikki has a bad case of PMS, and it's causing a thunderstorm. Then they have to clean up the hallway.[1][2][3]

Fey's father calls to say he's coming out to the school next week.[1][2]

About 4:00 Tennyo gets a notice that she's going to be deported to Hawthorne. She and Jade go to see Zenith, who's the fixer for Poe cottage. Zenith makes sure Ms. Hartford schedules a hearing.[3][4]

After work, Jade experiments with some special skin cleaning effects in the showers. Then she's given the notice about Tennyo being evicted to Hawthorne.[4]

Ayla has her introductory session of her Literature class, with Dr. Paul Zinn . Laurel Hua (Silver Serpent) and Majestic are in the same class. The reading list sounds impressively impossible for a one term class.[2]

Loophole learns that Don Sebastiano has taken over the Alphas rather than Kodiak, and that means that she won't become an Alpha this year. Kodiak tells her to keep her head down because he figures The Don will screw up sooner or later.[5]

Ayla has a dorm-room warming and get to know everyone party.[2]

Nikki agrees to take Tennyo shopping.[1]


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