Jade and Jinn meet the Stringer Twins and help string network cable between the main campus and Melville. At lunch they discuss some former students, including MoleFinger.[1]

Tennyo and Jade go to the hearing. Jade uses it to use Jinn's senses to check out everyone's emotions. Ms. Hartford tries to railroad it through, but Mr. Lodgeman shows up and Zenith insists that everything be done in proper order. Mr. Lodgeman reports that the warrants from Colorado have been canceled. (Note discrepancy with Mrs. Carson ’s statement after the Boston Brawl ). Franklin Delarose mentions that the laser range incident involved a Palm AI. At the end, the four supervisors are tied (Jade 3 says six supervisors), so Mrs. Potter, acting as the town council representative, breaks the tie in Tennyo's favor. Ms. Hartford is not pleased. Neither is Reverend Englund.[2][1]

After the hearing, Mr. Lodgeman introduces Tennyo and Jade to the Tanakas and also Lisa and Nathan Felder (note - also named Mainwaring in other stories). There's a discussion of exactly what The Palm is.[2]

Ayla gets invited to the first Golden Kids meeting of the year, does some anti-bully homework and gets braced by a couple of bullies. She escapes vertically, and learns a lesson about conservation of angular momentum. Then she waits with the rest of the kids for news about Tennyo's hearing.[3]


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