Tennyo wakes up with cramps, and manages to get a doctor's appointment for the next Saturday.[1]

Ayla's martial arts class includes Vox, Verdant, Rhiannon, Mechano Man, Glass, Golden Girl and Britomart, besides Silverwing and Phobos, who we met earlier. Also Prism, Adamantine, Kismet, Psydoe and Charmer.[2]

Ayla, in her Powers Lab class, finds she can lift almost two tons.[2]

Ayla goes into Dunwich to have some uniforms made at Rogers' Boutique[2]

Jade does some research on hypnosis to prepare for Thursday's hypnosis session with Dr. Bellows .[3]

Fey is woken up by dreams of chanting. She walks out to discuss the issue with the chanters. Toni wakes up at the same time, suspects she may be walking into a trap, and wakes Tennyo, Jade and Hank. Jade is going to try to wake Ayla. [4][1]

It is a trap. The Crystal Wavers (they think of themselves as the Next Step ) are trying to bind The Queen To Come. Toni breaks it up with a Ki shout. Tennyo destroys the central crystal with her sword and Hank contributes a rock. Fey pulls Tennyo out of the middle as all the lines of power go crazy. When it settles down, the six Crystal Wavers have switched bodies - to bodies of the opposite sex.[1]

While she's in the middle of the Crystal Wavers, Tennyo has a vision of other times and places. [1]

Security comes on the scene and arrests the Crystal Wavers. They agree that Fey can come in the next morning to give her statement.[4][1]

Ayla misses the fun with the Crystal Wavers because she's hard to wake up.[2]


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