Fey talks to Security and the Crystal Wavers. She tells them that she can't stuff them back into their original bodies, and decides not to press charges.[1]

Fey goes in for her medical exam, and discovers that her doctor, Ophelia Tenent, is also her advisor. Then she has powers testing with Dr. Hewley, and goes back to Dr. Tenent to discuss her schedule. She has Principles of Magic, Powers Theory, Home Economics and Lab for Powers Theory. (This is all supposed to be in the afternoon, but there are only three class sessions after lunch.)[1]

Nikki meets her mentors, Sir Wallace Westmont and Suzannah Hagarty. Sir Wallace is a nature mage of some standing, Suzannah is a martial arts specialist.[1]

Tennyo has a reasonably calm day. Dr. Bellows suggests she get a job on campus to help with expenses. More dreams of battles in space.[2]

Möbius, Charmer and Tennyo are also in Ayla's Powers Lab class.[3]

Jinn's Powers Lab instructor has her start recording how much she can lift. It turns out to be 188.6 pounds. Further study shows she can put out about four horsepower.[4]

Ayla manages to get her counselor to kick her out so she has to get a new counselor. She has a talk with Zenith, who recommends waiting until after her powers testing.[3]

Tennyo and Harry Wolfe discuss why he's been avoiding her.[2]


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