Ayla gets another attack from a speedster; the people at the Beret Mafia table identify him as Aries, one of the Alphas' enforcers.[1]

Nikki goes back to her room after her session with her mentors, and her father arrives. There's a bit of a misunderstanding of what's happening. Tennyo almost strangles him before it's straightened out, and then Hank and Hippolyta have a fight. Fey puts up a magic barrier to protect them. Finally Toni finishes off the fight with a Ki yell.[2][1][3]

On the way to lunch with her father, Nikki is accosted by Paul who tries all the courtly gestures from long ago. Nikki finally has to use magic to get rid of him.[2]

Hypnosis session in Ayla's room.[1]


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