Tennyo has her first flight lesson in a real aircraft.[1]

Ayla is accosted by Aries again after her Literature class. She drops down to the tunnel, which this time has a bunch of Twain kids, including Bloodwolf and his hangers-on. She meets an old classmate, Malachi Daibliku, who turns out to be Malachi Diabolik (Techno-Devil). Then she meets Hippolyta, who congratulates her on hammering Aries.[2]

Tennyo spends the afternoon in powers testing. She tells Dr. Polland about the ultra-X-amine.[1]

Dynamaxx escorts Phase to the Golden Kids hangout, which is guarded by two moonlighting campus security guards. People included Renshaw Eagerton (called Stimpy a bit mockingly) (Overload, aka Glitch), Abigail Dunne Kitteridge (Tabby), Ken Yagimura (Hatamoto), Brenda Matherson (Unicorn). She learns the real names of Icer, Hamper and Damper. Which gives her to think, especially about Jadis and Mal.[2]


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