Ayla engages a detective agency (Trin and MacIntyre) to dig up anything they can find on Aries, Icer, Hamper and Damper.[1]

It seems that Jobe Wilkins has really screwed up Phobos and Deimos under the guise of helping them. They now have extra arms and several other not so cool traits. Phobos goes rager while telling Ayla this in Martial Arts . Prism does the healing bit, and Phase holds Phobos while she cries herself out for doing damage.[1]

Tennyo is told to report to the Physical Plant Administrator's Office in Siegel Hall before dinner, for her new job. She's assigned to a senior, Jack Carroll , to show her around. He tries to do a bit of hazing by leaving her in the furnace room for the ghost to scare. She talks to the ghost, but doesn't understand what it really wants.[2]

At dinner, Phase asks Fey to intercede in the runaround she thinks she's getting from the Magical Arts people. After dinner, Unicorn stops her and gives her the URL for Sin d'Rome's Mercenary Emporium.[1]


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