Ayla gets accosted by The Unstoppable Three ("Captain" Bravo, Hyper and Long John) on the way from breakfast. She stops them easily. Fey takes her to see Circe after lunch. No joy.[1]

Tennyo reports for her new job, and is told to go with Jack Carroll and Chris Martin. Both of them are irritated about having to take a new part and wait for Stan and Morrie to get it before coming off shift. They decide to go into the tunnel themselves to replace the defective sensor. While there, something rises up in front of them and they scram in panic, slamming the door and leaving Tennyo inside. Then the ghost tries to be helpful and makes a spark, triggering a methane monster.[2]

Chief Delarose is more than a bit surprised when the manhole covers all blow off the storm sewers while he's on his way to work. Stan and Morrie, working in another part of the tunnels, are knocked back but unhurt. Eventually, everything gets straightened out, and Tennyo is exonerated, but she's out of a job.[2]

Jade helps Tennyo clean up after the sewer explosion. Phew![2]

Adriane (Gotterdämmerung) has a lot of trouble with bullies. He has a secret: he likes to dress as a girl; it's a secret he doesn't want to share even with Dr. Bellows. He meets Kayleigh (Sunshine) in the library.[3]


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