Ayla takes delivery of the merchandise from Sin d'Rome's Mercenary Emporium, and stashes most of it in her utility belt.[1]

In a school conference, Tennyo is assigned to work in the library under Miss Henderson .[2]

Jade and Fey discuss Montana with Tennyo.[2]

Tennyo undergoes more testing.[2]

Ayla gets an A+ on her paper in World Literature . She and Stunner are attacked by Aries, Icer, Hamper and Damper on the way back. She uses the psi grenade she got from Sin d’Rome’s Mercenary Emporium, knocking them cold. Security finally arrives, hauling the miscreants off. Chief Delarose is very happy that they've finally gotten them dead to rights with witnesses.[1]

Team Kimba joins Chaka in her hospital room.[1]


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