Ayla spends the morning in Powers Testing : Dr. Quintain thinks she's the most interesting thing he's seen all year. Or longer. She gives Hillary a suggestion on how to attract Jared's attention. After Martial Arts she tells Anna what the comic book Squirrel Girl managed to do.[1]

Dr. Bellows tries to use hypnosis to progress Jann to age 17. It doesn't work.[2]

Tansy has an idea for night: EX-4 rated handcuffs and prescription strength sleeping pills. Jinn discovers how to switch into object form and that this gives her control of her TK power. She figures out how to get the key and unlock the handcuff. Then she writes a note to herself and puts it in Dickinson's mail out box. She does some experimenting, and then writes a second, longer letter. Then she connects with the Power Cats, and they record a rather chaste "hot lesbian sex" scene that's guaranteed to drive Tansy up the wall. To finish it off, she takes Tansy out and up a couple of thousand feet and then lets her wake up as she falls. Tansy manages to remember she's got TK powers and slows herself down enough that she doesn't go "splat." Security is there when she lands.[2]

SW Wyoming, near Battle Creek (the town is fictitious, but the location isn't). Jamie's mother is driving her to Denny's for dinner when they're hit by a reckless driver. Her mother is killed and she winds up in the hospital, unconscious.[3]


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