Providence, R.I. Wallflower, Dredz, Phoenixfire and Psymod huddle on a roof watching for the villains they think are going to knock over a jewelry store. Instead, they get wrapped up in a neat little bundle - by their parents (S.T.A.R. League ). They're told they're going to Whateley Academy . They're also given a set of real superhero uniforms.[1]

At Whateley, Ayla goes in for more testing with Dr. Hewley , Dr. Shandy and Dr. Quintain . (NOTE: I'm not sure how they manage to do both Tennyo and Ayla at the same time.) In lab W they do a lot of light and gravity tests, then after lunch they go to lab S for gravity and momentum tests, where the testing guys get really excited about how she manages to decouple gravity and momentum.[2]

Tennyo undergoes more tests. They discover she can make antimatter.[3]

On the way to Whateley, Lily Turner is told she was born a hermaphrodite, and was surgically assigned as female. She’s understandably upset, but manages to get over it.[1]

At Whateley: Ayla has Fey and Hank do some private powers testing with her. She discovers that she can't get through Fey's force field no matter what she does, and while she can dent Hank's PK field when she's light, it throws her off as soon as it adapts.[2]

Jade and Jeannie go to visit Bugs to discuss the possibility of Bugs making special effects for Jade. Lots of joy, except in the money department.[4]

Wallflower finds she's going to be rooming with Angel in Poe Cottage. The other three students are assigned to different cottages to split them up.[1]

Tennyo has a long discussion with the rest of the Mystic Six in Mr. Lodgeman's office. It seems they think she's fused with the Destroyer - the linkage is a lot closer than an avatar has with their spirit. It also turns out that the rest of the Mystic Six are also avatars. Afterwards, Tennyo spends a lot of time working on old memories.[3]

Hank shows everybody "The Great Escape".[4][2][3]

Outside of Denver. Jamie wakes up again, and has a letter from Gabriella Guzman. She falls asleep almost immediately.[5]


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