Ayla goes in for more powers testing . This time it's in Lab E, and it's mostly standard mental and physical stuff. They go back to lab W for more warper tests and discover some more things she can do with disintegrating stuff. Finally they have a bit of laugh about Sunscreen's (West Coast League) (in)ability to do powers testing and get rational results. [1]

Hekate is back at lunch with the Alphas, and gloating at Tansy's misfortune. [2]

Tansy goes to Thuban's underground cavern to pay her debt. She finds out that the plan isn't for telepathic possession - it's a full possession by Skinwalker, and she'll be used by Montana while she's possessed. Jinn pushes the final button by telling her gleefully that she swapped out all of her birth control pills for aspirin. Tansy pushes her away, and then realizes that she's made a major mistake. [2]

Hillary gives Ayla an update on her success with Jared while the rest of the powers testing guys are still laughing over Sunscreen jokes. Jim Hewley gets her to a quick meeting with the gadgeteers and devisors where they announce the 35th annual Whateley Weapons Fair . [1]

Ayla learns that Jinn has returned when she gets back. [2] [1]

The Grunts zero in on the perps. Lots of fun (or not fun) was had by all. [3]

Outside of Denver. Jamie has tests all day. Mental in the morning, physical in the afternoon. [4]


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