Tansy calls Jinn during breakfast and tries to make a deal to buy back the disk. Jinn is tempted by the offer, but says she can't get to the disk until Sunday.[1]

Chou Lee arrives at Whateley in the morning after walking most of the way from Nashville. She checks in with Administration and is told she'll be rooming with Ayla in Poe Cottage. Toni Chandler meets her in the cottage and shows her to her new room.[2]

Harry has some more stuff for Shroud at lunch. They have a discussion about more tricks Shroud can use.[1]

Chou meets several others of Team Kimba, and then has a long session with Powers Testing , and another one with her adviser, Dr. Bellows.[2]

After classes let out, Chou is drawn into the woods and meets Jade, and has an encounter with a demon who is animating a body which may (or may not) be Jade's father. The demon mentions that Jade can open the Gate. Chou gets rid of it, revealing that the body it had animated was several days dead. She talks with Team Kimba afterward.[2]

Ayla meets Chou as her roommate. They discuss arrangements, the other members of Team Kimba and which Martial Arts class Chou should take. Then she gets to play Diz Aster at scrabble and helps Frostbite and Static Girl with their math homework. There's a discussion about Tansy at dinner before Chou rejoins them after Belle's tour. Then all of TK gets to know Chou and Destiny's Wave that evening.[3]

Spoof sends out a duplicate of Fey. Some chasing through the halls getting rid of the monster. Chaka works on Diz, gets through her PK shell and gives her a massage. Slab tries not to be impressed, Mrs. Cantrel likes the effect, Dr. Traherne is puzzled.[4]

At dinner, Team Kimba discusses the new girl who's going out with Hank. Mild paranoia runs rampant.[1]

Bunny shows Jade some new tricks, including nausea-inducing barrettes and a holographic eyepiece that looks like a display and which has a communicator built in. Jade gives Bunny the experience of being able to fly by charging Jinn into her.[1]

In Philadelphia: Eat, Drink and be Merry starts. Chad Wilson stops an attack by The Palm.[5]

In Erie, Pennsylvania: A Tenuous Blade starts. Frank Danielson finds a strange blade while running and picks it up.[6]


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