Ayla finally puts the clues together and deduces that it was Tansy who did the blackmail. She deduces that there must have been a leak somewhere. Then she talks to Gracie and her brother Paul, and warns him about Tansy. She tells Unicorn about the situation. Then the Cheerleaders try to hassle her, and she does the "remove underwear" trick to the delight of most of the males in the cafeteria. She's assigned to help Puppet for detention. Things go from bad to worse when they discover they're relatives and Puppet freaks.[1]

Team Kimba has a conference with the Wild Pack. They discuss paths, and then the information that someone is planning on stealing avatars.[2]

Kayleigh's boyfriend, Robert, dumps her. Adriane comforts her. The librarian is not amused at the noise.[3]

At ARC: Sara does a deep hypnosis session with Dr. Otto to try and find out if she's suppressing her powers. She is. It isn't pretty. (NOTE - this scene doesn't show up until October 20th as a flashback.)[4]

Outside of Denver. Jamie decides to try the remote viewing exercise that Dr. Jacobs had recommended. She gets into a trance and sees a coffee-colored woman with long green hair and dark eyes. Then the woman is gone, but Jamie discovers that now she's got the long green hair. She floats into the ground and discovers both oil and water.[5]

In Cincinnati. Stacy Conrad is working on SPECTRUM's communication equipment when Dr. Diabolik launches an attack on the U.S. midwest, with Cincinnati being on the northwest part of the target area.[6] It turns out that the attack is actually on Cincinnati. Stacy has to help Captain Patriot out of the fugue caused by Dr. Diabolik's Mind Web, which helps wake the city up to drive Dr. Diabolik off, exactly as he planned.[7]


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