Mrs. Carson shows Ayla what happened to Fireball. It's not pretty. The last day of detention goes well. Ayla discovers that Chou is really down after some kind of a fight. She tries to cheer her up. Then she walks in while Chou is trying to discover if Jade's problem is her chi, causing a minor misunderstanding. They talk a bit, and Destiny's Wave checks out Ayla's chi. No joy.[1]

Confrontation between Adriane and Robert. Adriane shows perfect control as he destroys Robert's jacket while Robert is still wearing it.[2]

Rack joins Team Kimba for lunch, talks about Sahar, Freya and Zenith. Chaka talks with Sahar and gets her origin story after Martial Arts . Chaka works with Babs during detention, Sahar works with Diz and Dr. Cho.[3]

Erin "Feral" Wynguard, rooming in Poe with Jackie, does some exploring. Some undetermined time later she joins up with the rest of the New Olympians[4]


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