Ayla gets to look at Fireball turn into a scaly demon.[1]

Team Kimba has a discussion to pick Chou's code name; they decide on Bladedancer.[1]

Chaka, Sahar and Zenith visit Hawthorne to work out differences under the watchful eye of Fubar . Tansy has either Flicker or Fade sabotage Fubar's tank and messes everything up. Large confused scene, Zenith is very upset. Scene in Tansy's room with Chaka.[2]

Kayleigh gets Adriane to bring some of his girl clothes to their secret room. She gets him to wear a lovely nightgown.[3]

In Philadelphia: After a lot of bad dreams and other barely remembered messiness, Chad wakes up ... somewhere. She discovers that it's a crypt. There's a note for her, as well as a lot of equipment. The note says that they're making arrangements for her to be sent to a special school to be trained in the use of her powers. Meanwhile she needs to live out of sight for a few days until they can make contact again.[4]


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