A mishap between classes sends James pitching into Jinn. He absorbs her and then instinctively shoves her out. Panicked at her discovering he's an avatar , he runs for the forest.[1]

Jinn discovers she's still charged into her clothes, but she's dropped one of her textbooks and has picked up some dirt and grit from the floor. It seems that James managed to cast her back into her costume after absorbing her. She consults with herself and decides to see how long the charge lasts. It lasts until the middle of Chinese class.[2]

Nex and the Ninjas attempt to steal the bust of Poe. Big fight. Chaka manages to get Sahar and Zenith together under the watchful eye of Gorgon. When they discover they're really still in love with each other, all ends well. Except that Mrs. Horton is irritated that Sahar is in Poe.[3]

Both Jinn and James worry about what they might have revealed to each other. James overhears some conversation about the Breakfast Brawl and the followup failed assassination attempts by the Alphas. Jade and Jinn confer and decide to send Jinn to talk. She and James dance around each other a bit, but finally reach an agreement not to talk about what they learned of each other.[2]

Tansy gets assigned to do the toilets in Hawthorne as punishment for messing with Fubar's tank. The toilets in Hawthorne are, um, evil.[3]

Ayla discusses her problems with messing up BITs with the rest of Team Kimba. Chaka, as usual, has a unique view of the situation.[4]

In Philadelphia: Chad decides to get out and practice things a bit. She tries to put together plans for living on the street for a while. While she's in a bookstore she runs into a holdup in progress, and then ducks into an abandoned sewer to hide out.[5]


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