Fireball chooses Tisiphone as her new code name.[1]

In Philadelphia: Chad (now Merry) wakes up in the tunnel and decides to do some exploring. She finds a ladder to a lower tunnel, and then zonks out on the power from the power cables. She finds herself in cyberspace, and decides to go looking for Tammy. Eventually, she gets tired of waiting, and gets onto Tammy's workstation. They have a conversation. Then she breaks out of the tunnel into a subway station, gets a few burgers and has a conversation with a subway guard. Then she wanders aboveground through a lot of alleys until someone points her at St. Michael's soup kitchen. She gets there and someone steals the bag with her laptop, other supplies and the books. Father Pete manages to fill her up on soup and gets her to confession. He baptizes her and dubs her a Knight of the Church .[2]

In Ft. Meyers: Jack Rizeppi has a discussion with some other gaming geeks at his day job at the Gamers' Emporium. He's just bought a copy of GEO (it's payday). He gets invited to go to a strip joint in Tampa with the guys (Gary, Chris, Lee).[3]

In Tampa: They go to Kimmy's Kittens, where Lee's ex-girlfriend Kelly is trying out at an amateur night. Gary gets Jack a private dance with a stripper named Candi, where something weird happens. On the way back, Jack has another weird experience, this time with Chris, who was totally drunk and not quite far enough out of it.[3]


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