Team Kimba is called on the carpet by Mrs. Carson for their involvement in the fight in Boston . We learn Mrs. Carson has had a variety of secret identities in her past, including Miss Champion.[1][2]

Romulus meets Screech on Cauldron Hill, where the aborted sacrifice took place. He talks Screech out of committing suicide.[3]

At ARC : Sara goes to ARC for a conference with Dr. Otto . Improvement in her psi powers is running at a glacial pace. No joy.[3]

At ARC: Sara has a long talk with her guardian, Donna .[3]

In Philadelphia: The circus begins back in the tunnels with a row of around a hundred body bags. Merry gets down to business. With some help from Aladdin, a tech genius for hire, she manages to isolate the Palm AI. Then they have a bit of a problem with an idiot guard while climbing out of the tunnels.[4]

In Ft. Meyers: Jack discovers he's a shifter, and also finds out what happened with Chris on the way home: he shifts into what someone else is imagining. He also finds out that the girl of Chris's dreams is a prototypical brainless bimbo. He names it Molly.[5]


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