October 21 2006Edit

At WhateleyEdit

The Goobers core elite attacks Sara early in the morning. In the fight, she manages to hold her own. They manage to inject her with a vial of Fey's blood. At the end, she absorbs Nobody as she loses consciousness.[1]

The Goober (actually borrowed from the Dream Team) named Nobody is killed in the attack on Sara, but they manage to inject Fey's blood. Fat lot of good it does them. ARC intervenes when all of Sara's subjects scream at once. Team Kimba goes after Greasy as their contact with Peeper to find out who did the attack. Headmistress Carson has a talk with someone named Vlad (probably Lord Paramount). Erin asks Hippolyta whether she attacked Sara, and Hippy rips the door off in her haste to find out what's going on. Mrs. Horton reattaches the door. Meanwhile, Deathlist reviews the troops. Ayla and Chou play cards while keeping watch over Sara; trusting in the Tao does seem to be good for something. Hippolyta starts her investigation with the Yellow Queen (Patricia Horton, the head of the Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders). Thuban demonstrates he's completely amoral in playing both ends against the middle. Sara eventually pulls through. Meanwhile, Nimbus arranges for one of his toys to be at the attack the Chessmaster is planning for Halloween. It’s supposed to prevent the students from using their powers against the attack.[2]

Ayla finally pulls out of her funk after marathon sessions with Dr. Bellows and Fubar. She joins the rest of Team Kimba in watching Sara.[3]

James and Adam (Greasy) watch a duel. Chung was leaning on a freshman Jedi and Swordmaster got him. Swordmaster won in one pass: Chung is an idiot. They discuss why nobody has built a real light saber yet. Then he goes to his session with his counselor.[4] (Note - elsewhere it's said that building a light saber is a rite of passage for devisors.)

At LangleyEdit

At Langley: Merry settles in for a day of tests, both medical and powers.[5]

At CincinattiEdit

Lady Jettatura arrives to begin her operation against the Green Witch. She gives a local villain, Dark Claw, instructions to get a couple of carefully specified sacrificial victims. She's accompanied by a rather decrepit Major in a wheelchair and flocks of both of their minions.[6]


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