In a dream, on the astral or somewhere, Sara confronts the Deep Ones and eliminates the part of her that is Kellith once and for all. Gothmog destroys the Kellith head.[1]

Ayla attends the Weapons Fair, looks at all the stuff that many of Whateley's gadgeteers and devisors have out for sale, and buys a few things. The Weapons Fair ends when Delta Spike overloads one of her gadgets, tearing up that part of the room. Ayla plows through the energy fields with Jobe right behind her; he darts Delta Spike which quickly stops the wild energy arcing. She and Bunny take Delta back to Poe, there's a lot of consternation when some of the other students learn that Delta had been darted by Jobe. After detention Ayla has a long talk with Chief Franklin Delarose.[2]

At Langley: Merry has a missing day that she can't quite remember until later.[3]


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