Gwen (Sweetheart) asks James to get her Ringo's file. James finally realizes how she's playing him.[1]

Ayla comes out of the funk she's been in and makes a list of options to fix her BIT. Fey tells her that using magic to change BITs is an absolute no-no; there are too many cases of unintended consequences. She checks with Dr. Raul Tenent on medical options: no joy. Dr. Bellows shows her some elementary self-hypnosis and tells her that if it works, it will be a very long haul. She reads most of the books from Fey's library and makes a deal with Jade for some protection.[2]

At Langley: Merry wakes up to a very disheveled room and discovers that she's developed quite a bit - she has curves. The morning is spent in the Counter AI Task Force. Ms. Hartford is there; they've given Merry the code name of Kitten. Later she discovers part of what happened Sunday: she was attacked by some kind of esper. She killed the bastard, but John is dead. Merry also seemed to have tracked down the esper using the federal and police data bases: they are rounding up suspects. She also learns that her sister, Joni, is still alive, although the uncle she's staying with, Mark, is a rabid H1! fanatic.[3]


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