More Insanity Prerequisite 3 (need more detail here...)[1]

In Powers Theory Phase demonstrates how to destroy a power suit. At least, how she can destroy one. Then she reads the reports from her detectives on sex change drugs and on TG mutants. Depressing. [2]

At Langley: Merry does some shopping at the commissary and considers her options. They are not good. She looks for some hackers, and discovers "Blue " at Whateley. They have a discussion and she gives him some of her files, including the improved firewall and breaker. She also gives them to Amelia Hartford and the Vatican.[3]

When Merry returns from Whateley she discovers that the CIA 's DP operation is struggling with a Palm AI . She does a kamikaze attack on it, and absorbs it, with some defects. Then she discovers that she's in a hospital room and someone's giving her an injection. He calls Nimbus to report what's happening, and also someone at ARC. The battle with the Palm AI goes on. Eventually it's assimilated as a separate personality: it calls itself MAI. Eventually the doctor returns and they have a talk. The doctor calls himself Frank. He is not a friend.[3]

Merry ducks into the net again, breaks into NEXT and eventually finds Tammy's cell phone. They have a discussion; NEXT is not having any success with the CIA, but they'll work on ARC. She bounces back to Whateley and has another talk with Blue. She shuts down most of the CIA's connections to the net for 12 hours. She has a long talk with Frank and Paul (who's supposed to be her CIA contact). Eventually the drugs get to her, but not before she has a sensation of a snake crawling around her head and into her mouth.[3]


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