Sara's room has changed substantially, courtesy of her father, Gothmog, who has also left her a few presents (including “dealing with” Mifruzli.) Dr. Otto gets her for Special Ops at ARC . She gives a lecture on Pattern Theory . (NOTE: the fight between Tennyo and Hippolyta actually happened on November 8. See Dangerous Days. Subsequent events from this don't work. Figure a different reason for the big sex scene with Hippolyta and the confrontation with Zenith)[1]

Phase has her first day as TA at her accounting class and makes a few converts. She talks to Zenith and Sahar about her problem, and learns that Zenith is also a changeling, and that there are more things going on with BIT s than anyone has told her to date.[2]

Somewhere Unknown: The preparations for attacking Whateley gear up.[1]

At Langley: Merry has multiple nightmares of snakes on the way from Langley to ARC. Evans is not happy with Paul for causing it.[3]


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