Thursday, November 2, 2006Edit


At Whateley AcademyEdit

At breakfast, the talk is about the panty raid on Melville the previous night. Peeper and Greasy are the obvious culprits. They get bombarded with food during lunch. Rythax tells Chou that Molly is waiting for her in the library, and then walks off mentioning that there's a black kitten he wants to talk to. Molly used a no-see-me spell charm to keep their meeting private. They briefly discuss Molly's problems in the Survival Course, and then suddenly notice that it's dinner time.[1]

At dinner, Boudacia introduces Chou to the Cape Squad, and suggests that she might like to join. After dinner, Chou works on Jade using Chi techniques. It's hard going.[1]

Ayla ruminated over the known facts of the panty raid on Melville, including the set of "My Little Pony" panties that had been run up the flagpole. She comes to the conclusion that it's unlikely to be any of the usual suspects.[2]

After lights out, the panty raider strikes Whitman, getting around a ward on one of the windows easily.[1]

At ARCEdit

Sara hunts for her breakfast, has an interesting time with a bunch of weres that live in the neighborhood of Arkham. The pump is removed offstage. More talk, Sara floats the idea of bringing Nikki in. Merry has another bad reaction to a drug, and begins running fantasies of old comics; Dr. Otto takes a peek and walks into a Duck Season fantasy. Bill and Tammy (from NEXT) show up, bearing the pieces of the Ring. Merry does an invocation and the ring reunites. Then there's an initiation ceremony (on the astral, presumably). She meets Arturo Mucro Cursor, who is apparently the guard who nailed Jesus to the cross. Not reincarnated, but close to 2000 years old.[3]

Outside of DenverEdit

Jamie learns that Gabriella is very happy with the oil information, and has given her a bonus. She suggests that Jamie try to send some snow to Alpine Peak. Jamie succeeds in having Thunderbird do it.[4]

In Tampa, FloridaEdit

Jack Rizeppi stays in, eats a lot to regenerate, and participates in the GEO quest.[5]

In CincinnatiEdit

District Attourney Kaltenborn briefs SPECTRUM on the break-in. It turns out to have been Brigand, who has a reputation for very sneaky plots where nothing is quite what it seems, and where there’s always a hidden agenda. He stole one thing: the samples of something called “K Spiriva c/ix”. They discuss what Brigand’s actual objective might be. Karen briefs Stacy on Brigand and tells her that she’s got a watching brief - they think Brigand doesn’t know about her. GW doesn't mention the pharmaceutical angle to avoid stressing her unnecessarily.[6]


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