Friday, November 3, 2006Edit


At Whateley AcademyEdit

The news at breakfast was that the panty raider hit Whitman. A number of the Whitman girls had set traps, none of which were triggered.[1] [2]

After Sifu Fitzgibbons' sword class the mystery attacker who wants Destiny's Wave strikes at Chou again, and manages to get away without being identified. Then they have a snowball fight in front of Poe , much fun was had by all. She meditates and identifies a thread connecting her to her father, which throws her out of the trance. Destiny's Wave refuses to interpret it for her. She's told to do it herself. They finish the night with a slumber party.[1]

Ayla has a session with Dr. Bellows which again fails to get her hypnotized.[2]

Introducing Jericho. He sets up a good deed. Hekate is told by her secret master to get information on the Outcasts. Jericho works on a project in Devisor Lab, and gets Mega-Death to help him. Fight in Martial Arts with Lancer. Someone breaks into his locker in the Devisor lab and steals his notes.[3]

In Tampa, FloridaEdit

At Kimmy's Kittens, Kimmy uses her powers to take Jack under control and start molding him into a sex partner for Rock-E.[4]

In CincinnatiEdit

Brigand attacks the big pharmaceuticals show. SPECTRUM sends Silver Ghost in as an advance scout with firm instructions to do nothing other than observe unless an opportunity opens up to steal the nasty biologicals. There appear to be some big-time political payoffs.[5]

After the big battle, Brigand apparently escapes. However, he’s still on site, arranging for a certain Dr. Moore to vanish, apparently dead, so he can pursue research on a substance with very unusual properties that’s being used as a filler in Daniels-McGregor’s over the counter medications. Kaltenborn is not happy about Silver Ghost’s part in the battle. It seems like she played a recorded conversation that accused a congressman of corruption. In front of reporters. The very idea![5]


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