Saturday, November 4, 2006Edit


At Whateley AcademyEdit

Chou gets up early and follows her instincts to the Grove. Destiny's Wave gets her past the guardian. They go to the pool, and Destiny's Wave explains what she's about and shows her one of the past Handmaidens who failed at her task: by not killing a single person at the right time, she brought death to thousands and turmoil to a kingdom for two hundred years. She's attacked by a demon as she leaves the Grove; she manages to fight it off, but it's hard.[1]

Chou has a dream that night where she thinks she's with Molly, but it's Sara. She's understandably pissed, but Destiny's Wave keeps her from killing Sara.[1]


A discussion occurs about training their newest Knight.[2]

At ARCEdit

Sara starts teaching Merry about shielding. They unblock some very disquieting memories about Merry's past, how his brother was killed by his uncle in an H1 training camp, and his sister. Sara brings in a processor that's not connected to the Net, and they have a tryst in cyberspace.[2]

Outside of DenverEdit

Jamie finally wakes up to a phone call from Gabriella, who congratulates her. Then she discovers she's covered with feathers, and she's also talking in reverse. She has a session with Dr. Jacobs (Spotter), who figures out what's going on - she's an avatar. He makes arrangements to get her admitted to Whateley.[3]

Tampa, FL.Edit

Kimmy's experiment goes sour, causing massive death and destruction. Kimmy "suggests" to the Mayor that they call in the Knights of Purity.[4]


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