Chou is not in a good mood after the previous day's events. After lunch, Sarah Gardener asks her again if she wants to join their demon hunter group, and compliments her on her fight with the demon the previous day. She has a discussion with Sara about the previous night where they clear up misunderstandings. She tells Sara that the Tao wants her life preserved for some reason, and they discuss strategy on Chou joining Rev. Englund 's group. Sara will have to make it look like there's more distance between her and Chou than there really is to make it work. [1]

Counterpoint challenges Ayla, Ayla declines to fight him. Imperious takes Counterpoint off, muttering about Apollo. Ayla gets the idea that they're the old Greek Gods, and discusses it with Nikki, Aunghadhail and Chaka.[2]

Rev. Englund looks at the video of Chou's fight with the demon and manages to draw all of the wrong conclusions about her from what's in the file. [1]

That night, the panty thief hits Dickinson, making his way around more traps. [1]

At ARC: Dr. Tanaka discusses some of what's been illegally done to Merry. Sara and Nikki show up (presumably by entering through other planes or the gulf of N’Kai) and Aunghadhail removes the other pump. It seems to have some Mythos connections. Sara and Aunghadhail decide to end their part of the aeons long feud in a blood oath. Otto wonders what happened; Chaddy tells him about a guy in a blue Police Call Box who wears a multi-colored scarf. [3]

Outside of Denver. Jamie heads for Whateley by plane. In the waiting room she sees that Richard Klein (the guy that got bit in the scene with the Snake) has had a major change of heart.[4]

In Tampa, FL., Jack Rizeppi stays in, eats a lot and participates in the GEO campaign.[5]


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