Diamondback wakes up from her usual nightmare, has an argument with her roommate Trisha. She does her morning hour and a half in the bathroom (18 feet of python scales isn't easy to clean and burnish, nor is long hair) while Phobos and Deimos keep watch. Breakfast at Outcast Corner. Then she realizes she's shedding, and heads for the infirmary.[1]

Peeper and Greasy get lots of grief because of the raid on Dickinson.[2]

Jamie (Heyoka) is met by Mr. Lodgeman, who is going to be his counselor. Mr. Lodgeman straightens out a problem in registration that was caused by Ms. Hartford doing her usual sabotage of people associated with Lodgeman. Then Jamie moves in with Hank. Hank shows her around, and she has dinner with Team Kimba.[3]

Ayla meets Heyoka.[4]

After classes Chou sees Mrs. Horton showing a new person around. She finds out it's Jamie Carson, who's going to be rooming with Hank. Sarah Gardener invites Chou to a meeting the following Tuesday.[2]

Ayla has a dinner meeting with the Golden Kids where they discuss arrangements for their monthly meeting.[4]

At the Vatican, a bit more discussion about their newest Knight.[5]

In Tampa, FL, lots of the people aren't really happy about the Knights of Purity: Tampa is mutant friendly territory, and they'd rather let the local heros and the National Guard handle it. However, Dr. Malomar is making progress in the investigation.

Jack eventually calls Kimmy for help.

Jack (as Terica) is no longer participating in the GEO quest, and Gary is worried about him.[6]


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