Chou, Fey, and Boudacia do their exercises; Poe Cottage is targeted with suspicion during breakfast. After fourth period, Sarah Gardner tells Chou the next meeting of their group is the next Tuesday. Chou and Molly hang out in the library after classes.[1]

Heyoka has an incident with Sharisha in the bathroom. Meets with her adviser to get class assignments, then picks up stuff in the bookstore.[2]

That night, Fey and Sara do a ritual that makes them blood sisters. Sara gets a physical makeover (among other things, her hair is now red and she has elf ears) and also gets a connection with nature. Fey gets a better understanding of the Great Old Ones and a major intelligence boost. (This has to be this night: Sara shows up at ARC on the 8th with red hair and elf ears. It could be the prior night, but I decided to give Sara some time to research it, and maybe talk with her father.)[3]

At ARC: Merry has a drug reaction and sings, on key but deliberately off volume. Dr. Otto asks Aladdin to build him a couple of somethings for Merry. Sara takes Merry to meet her father (Gothmog).[4]


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