At 1:00 AM, Chou wakes up as the panty thief is riffling through her drawers. She attacks, waking up Ayla. Pretty soon everyone has joined into the fun and games, with the action moving outdoors. The thief turns out to be the Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King. Most of the panties wind up in Sara’s room.[1][2]

Jamie gets beaten up by Jeff (Gold Stallion) and retaliates in spirit form. Jeff has to eat some dog to heal the damage to his BIT . Jamie shifts.[3][2]

Tennyo, without using her powers, manages to best Arianna in Martial Arts class. Arianna claims she cheated; the rumor gets Hippolyta to attack Tennyo. Bad move. Hippolyta has to be healed by Fey and Chaka with Sara’s support. Lots of tests; Tennyo is moved to Hawthorne Cottage supposedly on Carson's orders. Late night discussion among the staff; they weren't Carson's orders. The test results are disquieting.[4]

At ARC: The autopsy results on Merry's brother come in. He seems to have been a regenerator and was effectively buried alive. Plans are made.[5]

In New York: Hellhounds in a subway lead to a kid suddenly showing Angelic powers. New York's finest hustle him off to St. Gregory's at the edge of Hell's Kitchen.[6]


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