Jamie is released from the hospital in Bear form. He takes out some anger on a tree, and has a talk with Sara and then Dr. Lodgeman, and winds up back in the infirmary. Mr. Lodgeman has a talk with Sara about both Jamie and Merry. After Jamie is released, he confronts Jeff during lunch. Don Sebastiano notices and thinks that shows a bit of class. At night she drifts onto the astral, has a confrontation with Valkyrie, and then talks with Sara in her astral pocket. Some ruminations, and then sleep.[1]

In Martial Arts Ayla has to last four minutes against three opponents, so she pulls a survival stunt: she leaves underground and waits outside the dojo. Win on a technicality; Ito is inscrutable. Tomorrow she has to actually win.[2]

Ayla decides to see what she can do with Moonsilver as a holdout. She buys some from Silver and discovers that she can't do anything with it: it doesn't phase with her and it won't go into her utility belt.[2]

At a meeting in The Lair, Damien Faust turns over control to ... someone. The other Bad Seeds – the children of super (and some not so super) villains - discuss their lack of a master plan, and discover that they don't have one. Surprise, what? Then they discover a common cause. (Danger: Pun damage 20 yards)[3]

At ARC : Aladdin gives Merry her new toys, and tells her about how they're going to test the shield. Arturo arrives. Arturo gives Merry a book of rituals, rites, etc. to study.[4]

In New York: There's a big meeting of the Catholic honchos in New York, where they discuss the attack on the Atlantic Heritage Society by the Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom , then the incident in the subway. Bishop Spengler learns they are connected, and that the boy is at St. Gregory's .[5]


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