Tennyo's exile in Hawthorne is over; Mrs. Carson invokes Section 33 of the school charter to make Tennyo totally off limits to any kind of attack. Later, Ms. Hartford tells the Don that this applies to him and the Alphas as well.[1]

Shedding over, Diamondback talks with Razor and Jericho about the Tennyo announcement. She goes to the Faction 3 meeting and leaves to go to the library with Frag. Frag turns out to be a Caliban Skin-Walker, which Diamondback fights off and Valkyrie eliminates. Then they manage to not make contact. Diamondback goes to Hawthorne for a jam session with the rest of the Outcasts.[2]

Ayla beats Silverwing, Golden Girl and Kismet in Martial Arts, seriously injuring Golden Girl in the process.[3]

In New York: The news shows up, in the person of a third rate reporter named Suki Sanchez . Local parishioners make offerings of flowers and stuff.[4]

West of Puget Sound: Sam Everheart arrives for work as a night guard at Syn-Gate. He notices that the company has been bought out by Goodkind Industries. After checking in, he has a few words with the senior scientist, Dr. Terry , who is working late. She's beginning programming for a nano-tech robot or something, called the Hive. Very cutting edge stuff.[5]

West of Puget Sound: They're interrupted by a six man commando team which breaches the clean room environment and starts to shoot up the place and kill some of the workers. Sam notices them, finds an old fashioned paper knife and takes out one of the commandos by severing his spinal cord. He takes the dead commando's weapon and proceeds to take the rest of the commando team out, the action reminding him of the time he spent as part of a Seal sniper team in Central America. The container for the Hive flickers as its power dies.[5]

West of Puget Sound: When Sam’s about to leave he hears the sheriff and ambulances coming, so he stays to give his statement. He barely makes it home.[5]


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