Ayla and Vanessa finally make out.[1]

At ARC: Sara decides to work with Larry at an assumed age of 12.[2]

In New York: Kerry heals Paula Feeney's eyesight during Mass.[3]

West of Puget Sound: When Sam wakes up, he discovers he's been turned into his daughter, who died with his wife in a car crash two (or four) years previously. He also discovers that the nano-tech Hive has invaded his body and is now part of him, or rather her. He's getting organized when the sheriff arrives with a man in a black suit. Sam pretends she doesn't recognize him. When Sam makes to shut the door, the guy in the black suit pulls a silenced pistol and proceeds to disarm the sheriff.[4]

Sam wastes a bit of time and then begs to go to the bathroom. The stranger makes a mistake while he's escorting her to the bathroom, and Sam disarms him. The sheriff knocks him out with a handy book end. Hive discovers a sub-dermal chip. Sam heads for her camper and drives off.[4]

Sam decides to ask Curley at the Seattle Knights headquarters for help. She takes a couple of hours to get to Seattle and scouts the area. Hive recommends some additional changes, which will take a couple of days. Sam takes a room at a motel while they're going on.[4]


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