In a Martian attack on Des Moines simulation scenario, Carmilla (Sara) waxes the Grunts, polishes them to a high gloss and puts them on the mantle. Great little battle story; the continuity error doesn't affect it at all.[1]

In Basic Martial Arts, it's Ayla vs Vox, and Ayla tries to go easy on her after using special earplugs so that Vox's Voice doesn't work. Bad move for their budding relationship. Later, Peril gets her aside and asks her for a loan for his family business back in Nashville. Seems an uncle has a gambling habit and has been embezzling. Ayla offers to give him the money (not a loan) if he does her a favor. Peril thinks it will be great fun.[2]

At ARC: Merry, Larry and Larry's mom have words, mom is not taking things well. Willard and Father Pete have a discussion with Mrs. Carson.[3]

In New York: Rev. Englund and Charlie Lodgeman have a conversation on the way down from Whateley.[4]


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