Erik Mahren checks out new weapons for Flashbang (Marie Schultz) and Tinkertrain (Mandi Carter). Flashbang's oddball weapon almost kills him. Gunny Bardue puts him on temporary leave and tells him to get a thorough test. They discuss the upcoming memorial service.[1]

Ayla fights Lancer in Martial Arts. Then she discusses Sniffer with Bunny, checks out Weiner and discusses a business deal for some toys with Bunny. [2]

At ARC: Merry has a talk with Father Pete , then she, Larry and Kam do some testing. Merry has an aversion to one of the testing systems, so she goes to the network and sets up some things; then she has a talk with Clu on the net. [3]

In New York: Rev. Englund and Charlie Lodgeman get Msgnr Fenzi to authorize their interviewing the kid. [4]

In Seattle: After Sam wakes up from the changes, Hive recommends a course of action. There's a telephone network box that Hive believes can be tapped to monitor the information in the Knights' headquarters. After monitoring things for a few hours, and being very amused at some of the help calls, he monitors a call to John Fleetwood (which seems to be Curley's real name). That tells him that Curley is at his cabin. [5]

In Seattle: After a couple of hours Samantha gets close enough to Curley's cabin to be able to convince him that she's his old CO in a new body. Chyna Syndrome (Oxana ??) shows up and they do some shooting practice with a new sniper rifle. Then Curley phones in the tracking information from the fake federal officer, and administers some tough love. [5]


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