Several of the Kimba crew go to a dance; Tennyo, Jinn and Angel do a sparkler flying dance. Jade looks at Thuban's CD. (The times in the story are rather confused here...)[1]

Ayla finally beats Diz at Scrabble. Then she has to go help fix Antenna's room. She discovers that Antenna is a Brass Monkey fan. The rest of the campus recoils at the utter horror.[2]

Conference with Otto and Mrs. Carson about the magical interference they discovered at ARC , and which seems to also exist at Whateley. Mrs. Carson is not pleased. They also discuss Merry and Larry, and set up a welcome committee (Sara, Fey, Chou and Belle Forbes) for Larry. They'll go down Saturday. Sara asks Gypsy to do a divination on good times for Merry to escape. The first opening is Saturday. Sara and Fey discuss the problem with Chou and Ayla. Heyoka listens in. The door to Sara's room isn't staying put: it wanders between Poe's basement and Hawthorne.[3]

During Erik Mahren's testing he destroys a rather nasty staff, and upsets every mage and psychic in the place. Discussion with Sir Westmont about the incident. (There's also a flashback of the staff being created.)[4]

In New York: Father Carmody asks Kerry to do another healing.[5]

At ARC, Larry's mother has to be told to not be quite so domineering.[3]

At Hanford: Sam sees Dr. Meyers and straightens a few things out about the data the pyramid has been cranking out. It's apparently an anti-matter breeder reactor. She talks to Mr. Reilly (Fey's father), and they make arrangements for her go to Whateley Academy for the rest of her assessment and training. She spends the rest of the weekend working with Dr. Meyers on the reactor plans.[6]


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