Very late Friday night, Hekate, Tool and Jinn do the ritual. Just after midnight, Tennyo hears the screams as the demon tries to eat Jinn, and intervenes, either totally destroying the demon or the major part of it. Tennyo thinks it's delicious. The group discusses it at breakfast, and then Fey asks Jade for a description of the demon. Fey detects someone firing off some very old, powerful and localized magic, and Jade starts to change back. She tries surgery on herself to reverse it, and Tennyo, Fey, Erin and Sara manage to get to her in time.[1]

Chou is bothered by Jade's reversion; she feels she has somehow failed. Rev. Englund and Charlie Lodgeman discuss what little they can find out about the demon they detected attacking Chou. Sledge and N'Dizi try to attack her, she stares them down. Chou sits down and tries to figure what's going on; while she does the Tong of the Black Madonna strikes using nightmares calculated to sap her resolution and convince her she's going insane. The Dream Team attempts to counter the attack and trace who the target is and where it’s coming from.[2]

Samantha shops for the party and does some practice at the range.[3]

Berlin, N.H. Petra heads off to the Vatican.[4]

Back at Whateley, Mrs. Donner introduces Paige and Josephine to Mrs. Carson; Paige finds a few bugs in the Headmistress’ office. Josephine (Joni) heads for Dickinson with her guide, Teresa Solla. Jimmy T gets the job of showing Paige her new rooms and otherwise introducing her to the campus.[4]


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