Her current doctor dumps Jade, then Thuban makes a suggestion that turns into a food fight. Ito-sensei announces the combat exams, and mentions that someone will be doing the Team Combat course next term for those that pass.[1]

Harlan and Kaiju have a long talk about stuff, including the MATD form of GSD and that someone has been stealing stuff for the BIT Splicer project from her. He goes to his new room (He's rooming with F-X when he's a boy) and has a conversation with She-Beast. Jadis suggests that Spark get a personal symbol of some kind that she can work into her inventions.[2]

In New York: Linda Ellison , (Kerry's Mom) manages to find Father Carmody and shows him the picture. He denies ever seeing the boy. Bullshit, she thinks. Street Life gives Lodgeman a clue.[3]

At Lake Alban, Petra begins to recover a bit. Apparently the ploy worked, NEXT's teams have been recovering Knights who have been wandering around in a fog; Father Pete Darcy among them. Petra's recovery will not be easy.[4]


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