Thuban shows Jade what he's been working on. Lancer and Jinn spar in a private arena, with Lily and Bunny watching. Jade undergoes a lot of testing. The cafeteria staff outdoes themselves, as if anyone cares. Thuban discusses his new corporation.[1]

Reach discusses Spark's first attempt at a symbol. One of the Spy Kids mentions the Combat Finals at lunch, Jenny, Charge and Romy get panicked. Harlan has a chat with Delta Spike, and learns that she's named her captured galvanomorph Fluffy.[2]

At Lake Alban, Italy, Father Pete is back, as are several of the Knights from Rome. Petra picks Sally as a new name for Saul, much to Sally's discomfort. The Knight Commander does the political planning bit, and Cyrus Jacoby (CJ) shows up to start Petra's physical therapy.[3]


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