Saturday, December 16, 2006Edit

At Whateley AcademyEdit

Aquerna joins the Parkour Hooligans on their morning run.[1]

At breakfast, Aquerna and the rest of the Underdogs have to cheer up Winnie about some more nastiness from Solange, Flicker and Fade.[1]

Harlan's folks go back home, after Zenith and Sahar manage to make Quentin see just how stupid telling anyone about Whateley would be. Then Harlan goes looking for his glasses, and finds them in Belphegor's secret lab. They've been fried. He has an inspiration, and asks Sgt. Harris to check a couple of things.[2]

Jade takes down two idiots in Dunwich. Sara tells Fey that Jade has a demon mark.[3]

Chaka issues the challenge to the Young Turks at lunch. The Wild Pack is on it immediately. The Turks are thrown into a bit of consternation.[4][1]

The Alphas think over Team Kimba's challenge to the Turks. Hekate does a divination, resulting in massive confusion. Don Sebastiano issues orders that the Turks are to accept the challenge and win. Independently, Team Kimba makes sure that the Turks don't even think of weaseling out. There's lots of planning and spying.[4]

Harlan gets everyone together in ultra-secure bay 17 for the big explanation scene. Eventually Dr. Carstaires gives the all-clear, just before Mr. X sends another bogus trap message. They find someone on a rack in Nephandus' Passion Pit. He weasels out of detention by revealing that he has a hidden camera, which shows Romy taking Kaiju off the rack and putting herself on it. Sahar assists Ace in making a breakthrough on his psychometry, and they find Kaiju in the Scrap Metal Recycling Bin, just before it's scheduled to recycle.[2]

Ellen comes in all grouchy from having lost all of the snowmobile races.[1]

In the Underdogs hangout, all the girls try to help Aquerna prepare for her first date with Hazmat.[1]

Chou Lee has a date with Dorjee. Chou is understandably nervous. After the movie they have a fight with four agents of the PRC (probably), who are after Dorjee. Then a debrief with the rest of Team Kimba.[5]

In New YorkEdit

In New Jersey, Rev. Englund and Charlie Lodgeman manage to track down Linda Ellison .[6]

Mrs. April Arndt (formerly Dr. Braeburn) gives Dr. Amos Messing, the leader of The Amazing Three, both versions of The Braeburn Report .[7]

In RomeEdit

Petra and Rider take a plane to somewhere that's supposedly safe.[8]


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