Aquerna's English exam.[1]

Jade and Billie have a discussion about cover stories. One of the Juniors breaks at lunch. Nikki talks to another agent, Donald Finklestein . Hekate ducks out for a conference with her Master , and gets some information on how to deal with Fey[2]

Aquerna's friends spend hours getting her ready for her date with Hazmat.[1]

Anna and Jerry have a perfectly wonderful first date.[1]

In New York: Mr. Cool, Sabbath and Sneaky Pete knock over Tiffany's, collecting lots of diamonds and leaving a calling card: the name "Jadis" picked out in diamonds. He drops a particularly tacky assemblage on Jadis ' doorstep. She gets rid of it quickly. Simone Wyatt, one of the girls from the previous day, makes a call when she sees the news on TV.[3]

In New York: The Cadet Crusaders attempt to arrest the Bad Seeds for the robbery at Tiffany's. Without either a warrant or authority. After getting rid of them, the Bad Seeds decide to look at museums for the rest of the day. They run into (but don't recognize) a student team from the DeVille Academy that is looking to steal a priceless bust. The Deville team recognizes them, though, and decides to see if they can get them involved.[3]

In New York: Later that day, the Bad Seeds go back to the church. Thrasher, bored out of his mind, decides to do a rooftop run, and runs into the Dragonslayers, who are doing the same thing in the opposite direction. They recognize each other, trade some stories, and Thrasher gets a lead from them on Iron Mike. Sabbath and Sneaky Pete commiserate about diamonds being a drug on the market, and then come up with another scheme to use Mr. Cool to make a score.[3]

In New York: The Bad Seeds trap Iron Mike and get him to cough up Mr. Cool's identity as well as the fact he hangs out at Superbad. The Dragonslayer's watch unnoticed, evaluate the action, and decide that Superbad really needs to be graced by their presence. Also, the DeVille Academy crew watches the action, and considers if they can fit it into their nefarious plot to get a good grade and impress their teachers.[4]

In New York: Mr. Cool goes to Superbad, and discovers that nobody has noticed the job he did at Tiffany's. Sabbath talks him into another little job. After he leaves, the Bad Seeds enter and leave a message for Mr. Cool to get in touch with Jadis. Cyclone takes the message, saying he'll get it to Mr. Cool. Later, the Dragonslayers visit Superbad, and decide it's a good bar to hang out in. The DeVille Academy brats try to wire Superbad.[4]


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