Nikki and Toni discuss the last day of finals. Solicitor flies in to try to clinch the deal. Hekate goes to her private grove to do some scrying, and gets a typically oracular response.[1]

Curly arrives for a Christmas visit. Samantha Everheart and Curly go on the morning random patrol and see a snowball fight. Samantha gets an idea about mage-proof bullets, and gets some mithril from Silver.[2]

In New York: Special Agent Burke hooks up with the Cadet Crusaders.[3]

In New York: The Cadet Crusaders manage to interfere with Nephandus' and Techno-Devil's next attempt to get an angel, just as they were about to succeed. They talk them off, but the DeVille Academy crowd decides that the animosity can be put to good, that is, their, use.[3]

In New York: Sapper and Cutlass arrive, to Jadis' annoyance. So does the Constable painting from Mr. Cool's latest escapade. Cyclone horns in on the action.[3]


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