In the morning, Chaka vs Mace in a supervised (by Sensei Ito ) trial, best two out of three. Chaka figures out how to get past Mace's Paragon talent. Someone's been leaving little "presents" on her bed - this time it's chocolate mice. (Note - there are a number of continuity problems between this and Christmas Elves; I'm leaving it here because it doesn't fit any better anywhere else - X) [1]

Hekate makes a deal with Tansy for all the info she's got on Fey; Tansy gets to be number 2 in the Alphas. Fey decides to go with Finklestein , and tells Solicitor. Solicitor gets really unpleasant.[2]

Sam and Curly watch Gadget vs Megadeath.[3]

Bogus , pretending to be Miss Grimes , meets Chaka and Nikki after their Intro to Mystic Concepts final, and sends them off to investigate a cave. It's a trap that Hekate set involving a probability loop with their future selves, and they finally manage to work their way through it in time to catch Don Sebastiano coming to "rescue" them. Something wicked manages to take the opportunity to come through. (Note - this is the cave just beyond the altar that the Three Little Witches got tangled up with earlier)[1]

Jenny's parents come in from France to pick her up for Christmas Vacation. Mrs. Carson tells the Spy Kids, Reach and Jenny what happened to Romy: she's now at ARC as incurably insane.[4]

In New York: Worm , from the Dragonslayers calls, telling Jadis about the plan to rob the Whittier Museum. Since the police put them on Crank Hold, she decides to go tell the Whittier about the plot in person. While they're discussing the matter with the Whittier's security chief, Sneaky Pete cuts the power. Then the Cadet Crusaders enter the building, and the Whittier's security chief asks the Bad Seeds to keep the Kiddie Kops from destroying the place. A huge fight ensues, with lots of comic relief.[5]

In New York: The DeVille Academy brats decide to try for the big score and get everyone involved with the Cellini Venus, which is what they'd come to steal. We have another cluster-fxxx at the Griffith. Eventually, Rosethorn recognizes "Clarisse", and spreads the warning telepathically. She-Beast manages to get Splendor on the ropes, and recognizes her as one of her old school enemies. Geneva "Splendor" Tipton had bought herself some power gems, and her daddy didn't know what daughter was doing. Jadis takes ruthless advantage of the situation, and lays in some contingencies.[6]

In New York: The DeVille Academy brats play their last contingency and stage an invasion of Dr. Diabolik 's home. Jobe, who's stayed home geeking out, isn't taken in, and manages to use them for one of his biological experiments. Special Agent Burke crashes in and gets garotted by one of the brats. Then the actual FBI force that's been watching the Diabolik's residence for years comes in, and eventually everything is sorted out. The Bad Seeds leave for Karedonia , and the DeVille Academy brats leave for jail.[6]

In New York: At the same time as the home invasion, The Grand Hall ’s third (and final) attempt fails in a spectacular fashion. Percy (the Concierge of the Grand Hall) manages to regain control.[7]

In New York: Amber Polinkowski discovers that Brian "Mr. Cool " Chupp is a super-villain. She thinks it's so HOT![6]


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