In Baltimore: Chaka gets Chou to give a demonstration at her old dojo. Then they go to the hospital to have Chaka's hips reset.[1]

In Binghampton, N.Y.: Anna helps the Davies' put up lights and trim the tree.[2]

In Binghampton, N.Y.: Anna and Rhiannon go ice skating.[2]

In Kansas City: Jinn (who was masquerading as Tennyo) returns to Jade. The Reilly family (with Jade) goes shopping.[3]

In Los Angeles. Ayla and family raid bookstores. Ayla learns of a serial killer called the Headhunter that seems to be the main news headline.[4]

In New York: Kerry starts showing some spine. The Order of St. George doesn't like that one bit. Mrs. Ellison attends services.[5]

In Southern Colorado: Larry and TB hook up with Tennyo at a truck stop. They go in to talk to the officials. After a confrontation officialdom tries to drug them. Tennyo, of course, doesn't succumb, but decides to fake it when she sees what happens to Larry and TB. Tennyo fakes her way into the installation. There's a lot of fighting as Tennyo wrecks the installation, taking out a big baddie named Killbot. Jinn, as Cabbit, splits off to rescue Tennyo's parents as Tennyo finishes trashing the place, and discovers that Aurelius (the head honcho) was working for someone named Nimbus, who was holding the portal closed so they couldn't escape. Nimbus mentions the Evangelical Harpies. Aurelius triggers a suicide bomb. Tennyo survives but falls unconcious. Jinn wakes her and they get debriefed; Mr. Frisk is not happy. She rejoins her parents at the infirmary at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Then they whisk her back to Whateley, where she gets to spend some time in Hawthorne until the specialists get done.[6]


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