Samantha suddenly recovers consciousness after having to have been almost totally rebuilt. It seems that whatever the Voodoo Wolves were using came in through the video lines as well. She's now about 94% artificial, with a fusion reactor in her chest. Dr. Meyers comes in from DARPA to oversee starting up the fusion reactor, and the newly rebuilt Hive determines that Dr. Meyers has been a very bad boy.[1]

In Baltimore: Chaka and Chou go on a shopping trip with Vince and the two younger Chandler kids, Matt and Lucy. Objective: clothes. Matt (age 9) makes a beeline for the toy store, where they have a bit of a talk about Knights of Purity action figures. While they're at the mall, Chou is attacked by a group of H1 klutzes (well, comparatively they're klutzes). Once that's cleared up, they're attacked by a much better trained and equipped force of ninjas. The Tao routes healing energy through Chou to Chaka, and the two of them clean the floor with the attackers, who leave using the old cloud of smoke trick - that incidentally lets Chaka get back to her wheelchair and act like she had nothing to do with it.[2]

In Baltimore: Elsewhere, four boys are in an abandoned apartment, talking about the cool fight. One of them suddenly manifests as an energizer type mutant. The outburst starts burning the building. He flees.[2]

In Binghampton, N.Y.: While on a shopping expedition, Anna stops a mugging. She manages to do it without being identified. TV News turns it into a very nice human interest story.[3]

At Whateley: Chief Delarose and General Manning have a chat; it turns out they knew each other back when.[4]

In Los Angeles. Ayla and family raid more bookstores.[5]

In New York: the Christmas Mass. Of course it goes wrong.[6]


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