Samantha and Curly discuss some things. It's a fun day.[1]

Near Atlanta: Christmas morning at the Nalley household.[2]

In Baltimore: The Mayor of Baltimore decides to authorize the Knights of Purity to deal with the mutant danger, probably to see what they could do as much as anything. Chaka and Chou decide to mix in. Result: Bladedancer 2, Chaka 2 1/2, Knights 0. Chou gets Destiny's Wave to show her how to temporarily suppress the boy's powers. When they get the boy home, Grandma Evadne deals with the electricity, and declares that the boy is their cousin Curtis .[3]

In Baltimore: The Monkey King shows up with presents for both Chou and Chaka. Chou gets a medallion that will make Destiny's Wave invisible. Chaka gets a DVD set of a David Carradine movie and of the founder of Aikido. Chou and Chaka call the school and happen to get Mrs. Carson. She chews them out royally, and then talks to "cousin Curtis." Chou's guardians, Lan Caihe Ho and He Xiangu show up for Christmas dinner. They bring a gift for Chaka, and one for Chou. The one for Chou is a bag that's much larger inside than out. They also bring a letter from Lao Tzu .[3]

In Los Angeles. Christmas Presents for Ayla and family.[4]

In Kansas City. Christmas present unwrapping for the Reilly family. Stephen has gotten Jade a purse which is a lot larger inside than out. Jade gives Mrs. Reilly a coupon for using her robots to do the dishes and housework while she's there. She uses the opportunity to practice manipulating lots of very, very little things.[5]

In Kansas City, under the Heklin Insurance building. Hekate (Kallysta Thessellarean) gets a tour of the hidden Syndicate base, and learns that the use has been arranged by The Necromancer. She's underwhelmed by the troop's training, comparing it to Whateley. She gets her stuff prepared, complete with a Fool's Circle in metal welded to the floor.[5]


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