At Whateley. Samantha and Chief Delarose start to define a new processing system for the sensor net. She works with Langley Paulson, the Workshop supervisor. Then she's kidnapped and taken off site. One of the kidnappers mentions Dr. Hammond. Then the kidnap vehicle is attacked. (Story to be continued.)[1]

In Kansas City. Troy talks Jade and Nikki into staying up for some late night horror films. Bad move. Nikki gets scared enough to create a bunch of spider-rat hobgoblins. [2]

In Los Angeles. Ayla goes car shopping with the family.[3]

In New York: El Penitente and Rev. Englund .[4]

In Baltimore: Ito Sensei shows up to escort "cousin Curtis" to Whateley, although he claims, of course, that it is not what he's doing.[5]


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