In Boston: Molly drags Chou into a GLBT bookstore , and they get some basic guidance for young lesbians, together with much embarrassment. Then they go to the museum they'd been heading for originally, where they look at an exhibit of ancient Chinese artifacts. They duck out to do some snuggling, and are interrupted by Death Ghost, a minor local super-villan. They subdue him, turn him over to SWAT and then Chou calls in and talks to Captain Delarose.[1]

In Los Angeles. Ayla spends some time getting yelled at by the cops.[2]

In New York: They pull in Mega-Girl. Of course, the twit doesn't know anything.[3]

In New York: The bank records search turns up a missing 10 million from the Lucky Lady casino that was checked out of the vault by Red Wing the day before he was murdered. Carlos Jefferson, a field supervisor for the MCO , gives them a tip to Abigail Harrington. It turns out she's headed back to school - early.[3]


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